School Complex

Elementary School and Public Library



In the late 1990s, Othmar Barth (1927-2010) together with other architects and urbanists drafted the new masterplan for the municipal annexation of the area now known as Resia 1 just South of the city of Bolzano.  Two distinctly different buildings lay at the center of the masterplan: one with a rational, rectilinear footprint, the other curvilinear.  Together with the nearby church and parish, these buildings constituted the heart of the new neighborhood in their orderly distribution around the central square, later denominated as Piazza Montessori.  The elementary school and public library are configured in an H-shaped plan—the rational footprint—while the nursery, kindergarten and family center occupy the site defined by its curved coordinates in relationship to the nearby park.


Bolzano, 2013


Municipality of Bolzano

Project Team

Sandy Attia, Matteo Scagnol, Giorgio Cappellato