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Europahütte | Rifugio Europa

“La storia siamo noi“ – we are history


History is a recounting of our deeds, it is a recounting of all that has formed us as who we are today.  History is an extraordinary sequence of unforgettable events from the birth of a child, to the first kiss, to the first moutaintop reached—it is hard to forget these precious moments, these part of our lives are so ingrained as to become part of our very identity.


The “Landshuter Europahütte” came into being in the year 1899, changing forever the pristine profile of the Tuxer Ridge (Tuxer Kamm). Undoing this first act of building and imagining this place as though it were a “tabula rasa,” would be a mistake—an offense to the site‘s history and to all those who have traversed the nearby mountain slopes.


Val di Vizze (BZ), 2.693 m a.s.l, 2022


Deutscher Alpenverein (DAV)

Project Team

Sandy Attia, Matteo Scagnol, Giorgio Cappellato, Thomas Abram