Basilica School

Elementary and Middle School

A joint, collaborative project with Michele Di Mattio, Giuliana Raffin and Roberto Moret.

Basilica School is a temple of learning inspired by the Palladian Basilica.
A simple structural grid is the framework for the new elementary and middle school, an addition to Villa Santina’s school and sports district.  Alternating classrooms and learning support spaces are arranged linerarly into two mirrored clusters with a shared, top-lit learning atrium on the upper floor.  The facade is a study in repetition, rhythm and proportional relationships of parts to whole.

Different strokes for different folks.
Tall spaces, small spaces, round ones, long ones, places to be loud, others to stay quiet, corners to withdraw to, others set up for group work—school design is aobut finding different ways in which the architecture and the teaching/learning practices intertwine, offering different settings for different ways to learn.

Are grids rigid or flexible?
Basilica School’s gridded layout provides an efficient clarity yet affords a polyvalent use of the spaces.  Big to small classroom connecitons, together with the adjacency of clearly defined informal didatic settings with respect to the classroom proper afford a learning environment open to possibilities.


Villa Santina (UD), 2022


Villa Santina Municipality

Project Team

Sandy Attia, Matteo Scagnol, Giorgio Cappellato, Martina Salmaso