Primary School and Public Library

Two buildings, one school center
The new school campus is comprised of two buildings that sit at the heart of the Resia neighborhood, an expansion zone at the southern limits of the city. One side urban, one side agricultural, the campus bridges the two contexts to create a bustling center of learning.

The Primary School and Public Library are housed in one of the two buildings and sits side-by-side with the Early Childhood building in a chattering dialectic of architectural solutions.  While the Primary School is open at the ground level, the other is closed; the elementary school follows a rectilinear logic of classrooms and common areas, while the early childhood building is curvilinear.  This bantering conversation between the two buildings also pulls the adjacent church—a monolith of stone—into the sway to confer a clear identity to the newly found district of the city.

Primary School

The double height entry hall is an extension of the public space of the main square, and continues out through to the playground and the cultivated fields beyond. 

The auditorium, cafeteria and gymnasium are found at this ground level and constitute the meeting ground between the school and the local community.