Inauguration of our joint exhibition at the University of Naples

16:00pm, January 10th, 2020

Inauguration of the exhibition “Architecture Alto Adige. bergmeisterwolf – MoDusArchitects”

Curated by Giovanni Multari, the exhibition presents two built works and one work in progress from the two architectural offices as part of the annual exhibition cycle at the University of Naples’ Dept. of Architecture (Federico II).  The exhibition delves into the questions of context, identity, tradition and innovation and how these topics are expressed through the processes of architectural production in the work of MoDusArchitects and their colleagues bergmeisterwolf. 

              Architecture “beyond the borders”
              Extract from the introductory essay of the exhibition catalogue:

“The two pairs of architects live and work out of Bressanone….  It is a territory that both defines and reflects the “confines” within which they work—mountains dotted by settlements and houses, churches and church spires.  Landscape, climatic conditions, and a way of living are the correlate elements that the architects pull together into a unified whole. The specificity of place constitutes the raw, working material of the project, it is the embodiment of a design process that interprets the existing context and forges anomalous, geometric constructions into architectural acts that might cut through to a specific view that reveal a presence, a place, or a landscape.” (Giovanni Multari)