University of Camerino invites MoDusArchitects to narrate the story behind the Mountain Lodge project

December 12th, 2019
Join us for a convivial conversation about the process and design of the Mountain Lodge at the Faculty of Architecture and Design, at the University of Camerino. Ascoli Piceno, h16:15 in Aula A012.

The lecture is the fifth and final lecture in the series “Beyond the Shape” dedicated to the presentation of a single project, from its very inception through to its realization.  Curated by Roberto Ruggiero and Roberto Bianchi, the intention of the series is to unpack the trajectory of a built work, sharing the complex matrix of events, twists and turns that a single project undergoes before, during and after its construction.

We are delighted to share the “ins and outs” of one of our projects in the company of our esteemed colleagues who participated in the preceding presentations of the lecture cycle: I-Alvisi Kirimoto (La Cantina Podernuovo), II-CorvinoMultari (Complesso Parrocchiale), III-caravatti_caravatti  (Centro di Riabilitazione Psicomotoria JIGYA SO), IV-IOTTI+PAVARANI Architetti (Uffici operativi Gruppo Reale Mutua).  We look forward to the forthcoming publication of the lecture series!